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Aon and Habitat for Humanity

Aon will be sending a team of volunteers to Guatemala in 2019 to build houses and install smokeless stoves over the course of one week. The team will work side by side with families and community members to construct houses that provide security, safety, and a place to create new memories. The smokeless stoves will create healthier homes and prevent respiratory disease. This vital work will provide a hand up for families living in poverty and forever change their lives.

The Housing Need

There is a housing deficit of 1.8 million homes across Guatemala. That consists of millions of Guatemalan families living in poverty and without access to decent housing. This is due in great part to the lack of investment, both public and private, in addressing the housing deficit. Many families cannot access credit in the traditional financial system and cannot meet the requirements of credit unions or banks for a home loan.

In this case, Habitat for Humanity is one of the only options for these families. Since 1979, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala has been able to provide more than 36,500 housing solutions to families in need. Starting in 2011, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala established the project Small Change, Giant Leap with the goal of installing 17,000 smokeless stoves in five years.

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