CISCO Armenia 2019

CISCO Armenia 2019



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Following an incredibly successful Build to Cambodia in 2018, Agnieszka and her dream team: Anna, Kasia, Jutta; Masha, Sima, Tersilla, Dan, Sergey, Dmitry, Serhii; Mathieu, Pavel, and Andreas will volunteer their time on the build site in Armenia in September 2019.

In Armenia, different layers of society experience housing problems. Therefore, the goal is to extend a helping hand to low income families in improving their housing conditions. The main housing problem lies with low and middle income families who face are poor conditions including poor water and sewage systems, absence of thermal insulation within the home, unhygienic conditions within their bathrooms and kitchens, and poor gas supply.

In most regions people do not have a proper heating system within their home, and instead heat their houses with wood or cow dung which negatively impacts their health and imposes negative impacts on the environment. 

Volunteers will help families with renovation work such as internal repairs, plastering, finishing, masonry, and thermal refurbishment. The tasks include plastering, masonry, renovating interiors and drywalls, flooring, painting walls, and demolition.