CISCO Brazil Build 2019

CISCO Brazil Build 2019



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In 2019 a team of volunteers from CISCO will volunteer in Caruaru, Brazil 2019 to build water tanks for families living in poverty with no access to clean water. 

Many people living in the region of Caruaru work mainly in agriculture which provides families with wage that is far less than the minimum wage in Brazil. In the summer months there is a lack of rainfall in the region which results in plantations diminishing and, consequently, income that families make from cultivating their own crops are reduced.

The lack of water access in Caruaru forces women, children, and the elderly to walk long distances several times a week in order to collect a decent supply of water for their homes. In many cases, the walk can take up to two hours each way. As such, it is very common for children in the region to drop out of school due to their time being taken up with transporting water to their home. Women who dedicate part of their day to fetching water also cannot work in stable jobs resulting in a lack of income for the household.

The use of unclean water greatly increases the communities of Caruaru risk of contracting diseases and other health issues. This project aimes to help families have access to safe, clean water through roof repairs and water tank construction.

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