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Ulrike Koepke

Ulrike Koepke

Ulrike Koepke



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I won't be pretty. I won't be fast. But I will do it for a good reason...

I will run the the Vitality Big Half Marathon 2019 in London for Habitat for Humanity, one of the world's leading housing charities, focused on long-term development, aid and poverty alleviation. Habitat for Humanity works where it matters most; at the heart of communities, beside families in need, offering a ‘hand-up’ out of poverty through simple, decent housing. [1]

In 2018 alone, Habitat for Humanity has helped 8.7 million to enhance their living condition. [2] The charity works in 78 countries, such as in Lebanon, the country with the highest number of refugees per capita (~1.5 million Syrian refugees and more than 250.000 Palestinians among a national population of 4.5 million). Since 2001, the charity has helped more than 4.500 families in the country. Its aim is to make the most basic accommodation more dignified and safer, e.g. by separating wires from pipes. [3]

The idea to run for Habitat for Humanity arose, after reading the FT article “Beirut: when home is a refugee camp” [3] and linking that to our thoughts to donate some money for a good cause rather than spending it for not really needed Christmas presents. We know, we are not going to change the world, but at least we can try to help those people a little, who haven't had the luck to be born in a safe and sound environment. Thank you!
Ulrike xxx

[1] https://www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk
[2] https://www.ft.com/content/f22a8e7e-ecea-11e8-89c8-d36339d835c0
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