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Hi Everyone and thanks for being here,

After years of donating for a good cause, in addition, I decided this year to provide on-site support for the the people in Armenia.

Donating is very important as it empowers NGO's to be able to create an impact where needed. Furthermore and beyond money, I personally want to make sure that in addition my capacity is received also and by 100% by the people who really need it..

And so, with this spirit and thinking, I'll be joining a team of Cisco fellows to Armenia. 

Any donation is much appreciated and used for restauration purposes to help the people with e.g. building material, which then the Cisco team put's together.

Thank you in advance,


Andy is fundraising towards

CISCO Armenia 2019

Following an incredibly successful Build to Cambodia in 2018, Agnieszka and her dream team: Anna, Kasia, Jutta; Masha, Sima, Tersilla, Dan, Sergey, Dmitry, Serhii; Mathieu, Pavel, and Andreas will volunteer their time on the build site in Armenia in September 2019. In Armenia, different layers of society experience housing problems ...

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