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Ayca Ruppert

Ayca Ruppert

Aycas fundraising for the Lesotho Build 2020

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I always wonder if there is more I could do to help others to have a better life. I strongly believe, that we as humans, we all want to help one another and there is room for everyone to live a life of happinies. In my past, I supported a local NGO here in Frankfurt, but after hearing Jutta her idea of building a home, I was on fire for this project. As long I have two healthy hands, I'm in.

This will be the first time for me building a home together in a team for a family and I think, that is beautiful.

Please join me and support me on my and our journey on buildung a home.

Kindly I want to inform you, with every person who donats, I will buy a "Little Sun" lamp powered by solar, so the family has also light in their home and life. More Information about this project can be red here: https://littlesun.com/ (This will be done by me personaly and has nothing to do with this fundraising, although 1 Funder = 1 little sun ;). This is limited to my space in my bag and transportation within the airline policies on kg but why not ;) )

thank you very much for taking your time reading this,


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Lesotho CISCO Build - October 2020

Following a successful build to Armenia in 2019, Agnieszka will be assembling yet another incredible team to volunteer their time to build safe and secure homes in Lesotho. Lesotho has the second highest HIV/AIDs adult prevalence in the world with just under 1 in 4 people living with HIV ...

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