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Hi Everyone,

In January 2019 I will be travelling with a group of volunteers at Aon, together with the charity Habitat For Humanity, to Guatemala in order to help build homes for those living in poverty.

During our time here we will be building houses and installing smokeless stoves in order to create a safe living environment for many Guatemalan families in need. The structures of these homes will be designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and the stoves will help prevent respiratory diseases that many of these families unfortunately suffer from.

To help fund this project, I will be fundraising for this project over the next 12 months in order to reach my target of £3,000.

I will be doing the full Tough Mudder challenge in September this year. This will involve running through 10 miles of mud, icy water and obstacle slides!

It goes without saying that I (and the team) would be so grateful for any donations and support received!

Thanks so much,


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Aon Guatemala 2019

Aon and Habitat for Humanity Aon will be sending a team of volunteers to Guatemala in 2019 to build houses and install smokeless stoves over the course of one week. The team will work side by side with families and community members to construct houses that provide security, safety, and ...

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