Habitat for Humanity Great Britain
Frank Galvin, Jack Hughes, Sam Walker Raph Gure & Stuart Coates

Frank Galvin, Jack Hughes, Sam Walker Raph Gure & Stuart Coates

Beirut Marathon 2019



  • £3,500 Target
  • £1,081 Raised
  • 16 Donors
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On 10th November 2019, we (Frank, Jack, Raph, Sam & Stu) will be running the Beirut Marathon for Habitat for Humanity, Lebanon, who provide funding for the revonation of refugee homes in the area.


The refugee crisis across the Middle East and Europe has been a devastating and defining part of recent years, so when we learned that Lebanon, a country with a population of 6 million, has an estimated 1.5 million refugees fleeing Syria and Palestine, meaning it has the highest number of refugees per capita in the world, we wanted to do something to help.


Much of this seems to be out of our personal control, with global politics both causing the crisis and preventing it from ending. But the work Habitat for Humanity does in Lebanon means, as a group, we can directly change the lives of some of those made homeless by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Syrian Civil War and help provide them with decent and safe living conditions, something many live without since they cannot own property and have fewer rights than citizens.


Habitiat for Humanity has a budget of $1,500 for each home it renovates. We are aiming to provide assistance to three families (around £3,500) and would be extremely grateful for anything you can give to our cause.


Whilst we are in Beirut, we will be volunteering with the charity before the race and will be running for those families we meet and whose homes your money will go towards rennovating. 


Thank you!


Frank, Jack, Raph, Sam and Stu