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Andrew Cox



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I am going to Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with the Residential Development Agents Society (RDAS).

We are undertaking the trip to help families who live in the slums of Solola, Guatamala's second largest city.

We will be looking to make their homes more habitable and safe by installing smokeless stoves and making repairs wherever possible.

We leave on the 10th of January 2019 in a group of 14 from the Industry.

I am looking to raise money for this cause to enable me to take part in this trip, and really make a difference to families by providing them a safe and secure environment to live.


Please help with whatever donation you can make; it will make a massive difference to people who are so much less fortunate than us.


Many thanks,


Andrew is fundraising towards

RDAS Guatemala 2019

RDAS and Habitat for Humanity RDAS will be sending a team of volunteers to Guatemala in 2019 to build houses and install smokeless stoves over the course of one week. The team will work side by side with families and community members to construct houses that provide security, safety, and ...

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