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Douglas Cochrane

Douglas Cochrane

Douglas's Kenya 2019 Fund Raising Page - Homes for Scotland (and Kenya)



  • £3,000 Target
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This year I celebrate 40 years at Lloyds Banking Group!! For the past 15 years of my career I have worked closely with the UK's House building sector in helping our customers achieve their aspirations of a new roof over their heads. In the past 2 years I have been heavily involved in looking at how the UK can continue to deliver more of the right homes and to a high standard of finish through improved consumer protection and by diversification using approved Modern Methods of Construction.

Whilst it is perhaps an old cliché, I would like to 'give something back'. On the 6th April I am Kenya bound with a team of like minded novices from Homes for Scotland to replace a deserving families mud hut with a new home. I can't think of anything more satisfying or challenging than to help build (using more traditional methods of construction!!) a new home for an impoverished family in a part of the world that is completely alien to the comfortable offices, boardrooms, airports, stations and hotels that I find myself in throughout the working week.

This is going to test me on so many fronts that I hope you are going to take some perverse satisfaction from sponsoring me - even if it is in some twisted way to get your own back for some past misdemeanor! You never know, this may give me the bug (I'm sure there will be plenty....) to set up my own house building business on my return.

If Kevin McCloud is reading this, the filming rights are still up for grabs for the next series of Grand Designs!!