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All my life I have been fortunate enough to live in a comfortable, safe home. More importantly, I have been able to extend this blessing to my family. Unfortunately, such a necessity is not always available to everyone.

In India, unsafe and inadequate housing is a major problem. Houses with thatched roofs, weak foundations and flooring made from mud and cow dung are typical in many regions. Not only that, but these houses require frequent and costly repairs.

Because of this, I am supporting Habitat for Humanity by travelling to Puducherry in 2021 to help construct housing there that is fit for purpose. I will be working alongside local staff, families and other volunteers to build homes containing living rooms, kitchens and individual household toilets.

My hope is that when the trip is over, I will leave with the knowledge that I have helped make a difference to the life of a family just like my own.

Your donations and my "blood, toil, tears and sweat" (to quote Winston Churchill) will mean we can do this together.

Thanks for your support,

Love Joel xxx


Update for you regarding my fundraising for Habitat for Humanity… 

Given the ongoing uncertainty, our group has decided the most appropriate action is to defer our trip to India until 2022.

We are committed to supporting H4H, so we will re-group towards the end of 2020 to establish a plan and timetable for the build to be re-born.

So, my brilliant donors, just to say that all funds you have helped generate so far are ring-fenced and will remain protected until our build is back on the schedule.

Stay safe, JP xxx

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