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Lindsey Thurston

Lindsey Thurston

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LT is off on another continent take over. This time the destination is Malawi, Africa. Just like Antarcitica, another prominent item on my "List of LIfe" is to build a house. After finding out Habitat for Humanity does international builds, it has been a life goal to accomplish this list item as a volunteer. 

After experiencing the highs and lows of solo travel in South America, the opportunity to explore my fifth continent comes with a valuable travel partner: my mom! I am thrilled to embark on this journey with Jane; as a well travelled gal herself, we will have so much travel wisdom to share with each other and so many new challenges to overcome side by side as we explore Malawi. 

To make this fantastic opportunity possible on a student budget, I am asking for small donations from friends, family, and colleagues. I plan to maximize this experience as much as possible and while I don't look forward to the sweat of the expected sweat and tears, I anticipate many moments of exhausted bliss! Anyone who has experienced one of my travel PowerPoints, or the rare chance to travel alongside me, knows my Malawi itinerary will maximize every minute of daylight with eye opening opportunity.

Please consider donating to this excellent cause and this build opportunity. Your considerations will motivate and support my mom and I through an invorgating build in one of the world's poorest developing nations. 

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Malawi 2019 - Neale's Team

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