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Hi All,

My life has changed a lot since joining the Cisco in Prague and especially the last year proved to be fairly challenging for me. I changed very much and I became really happy. Now I would like to share my energy with others.

The decision to be a part of this team is a significant step for me… Sometimes what we have inside does not reflect how we are outside, and vice versa. That's why I decided to leave my comfort zone, throw away elegant clothes and do something for others, who were less fortunate.
Many times, I was thinking about getting involved in a voluntary service - such as going on a mission to Africa. However, when I met Kasia and saw how she helps people around me, I understood that this is not about long-distance trips, it's good to set smaller goals for yourself and help at least people in your neighborhood
I followed her trip with Ania and Agnieszka to Cambodia last year.

This year when Kasia asked me if I would like to go to Armenia, I said yes. Spontaneously and impulsively I logged into habitat site and it happened! - I am the last, extra person in the team who will be renovating a home for an Armenian family. I hope that my strength will force to change the living conditions of this family!

The Armenia project aims to help poor families improve their housing conditions. The main housing problem lies with low and middle income families who face are poor conditions including poor water and sewage systems, unhygienic conditions within their bathrooms and kitchens, and poor gas supply.

So please dig deep and support this incredible cause however you can!

Thank You! <3


Martyna is fundraising towards

CISCO Armenia 2019

Following an incredibly successful Build to Cambodia in 2018, Agnieszka and her dream team: Anna, Kasia, Jutta; Masha, Sima, Tersilla, Dan, Sergey, Dmitry, Serhii; Mathieu, Pavel, and Andreas will volunteer their time on the build site in Armenia in September 2019. In Armenia, different layers of society experience housing problems ...

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