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We get up, we go to work, we come home and we socialise all in the bask of Western comfort. Yes we all work hard, and we are well rewarded for the job we do and the lifestyle we become accustomed to as a result. We shouldn't reproach ourselves of course for the lives we provide for ourselves and our loved ones however when the opportunity arises to give something back, to make a difference to those people in the world, who through no fault of their own, can only dream about the life we have, the choices we are able to make, the material things we take for granted, (as simple as roof over our heads), personally, there is only one decision to make. I have been a keen charity fundraiser over the past 20 years raising money for NSPCC, Martin House Children's Hospice and latterly Habitat for Humanity all on these shores and I am delighted I have been chosen to take part in the Global Village Build for 2019 in order I can make a difference on the ground; at source. These under priviliged people desperately need our help and in turn people, I desperately need yours. Anything you can spare to raise funds for this special project and fabulous charity will be gratefully received and I will vow to work my proverbials off for each and every penny I am able to raise! Thankyou in advance for your time and your donations!

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Miller Homes Malawi 2019

In 2019 Miller Homes will travel to Salima, Malawi to help end poverty housing. The housing need in Salima is extremely high, with many child headed houses whom cannot afford to build a house or rennovate their current home. HIV/AIDS has affected the area significantly, resulting in may children ...

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