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For those of you that don't know me, I am Nicola Chapman. I work for The Underwriting Exchange Limited as an Assistant Claims Manager. I have worked in the Lloyd's market for my entire career (which is quite a long time now). Now this connection has given me an amazing opportunity to help people using not only my physical ability, but also financially by raising money to help with the costs of improving the lives of others.

For those of you that do know me, you know all about this!

In October 2020, I will be going to Malawi with a group of people who have come together with the Lloyd's Charities Trust to help in a house build for a family who currently live in sub-standard conditions. The housing in the area is poor and unsecure leaving the families without a safe place to live. The project will involve physical labour to help in the formation of a new house for a family.

We all support charitable events and there are many. I try to see that each cause is important to someone for their own reasons. My reason for this cause is simply that I can help to provide someone with a secure place to live. To be able to go into a home and feel safe, to be able to lock your door, is something that we all take for granted. My children have a safe environment in which to live and I believe that all children should have that protection in their life, and adults too. This charity helps to provide long term housing which is safe from the elements, something which they do not necessarily have at present.

I will be undertaking a few different events to raise money. First up, a bake sale which is always a tasty way to fundraise. There is a tough bike ride in there and I will be holding a quiz night. I may even throw in a triathlon if I get a chance.

Your sponsorship would be so greatly appreciated. I will work hard for the fundraising and also when I am in Malawi.

Thank you so much in advance.




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