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Water for Lives

I am volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and Cisco ECN to help families who are in extreme poverty in the semiarid region of Brazil to have access to clean and usable water at home.

Growing up in the United States, I've had immediate access to clean running water, food, education, cars/transportation, disposable income, and so many more opportunities that I can't even list. These are all things that I have sometimes taken for granted. As I walk around various obstacles in San Francisco, I reflect and am reminded how extremely fortunate I am, considering there are people within this country, and around the globe that do not have access to running water or a stable food supply.

This year, I have been given the opportunity to help families in need who have restricted access to usable running water in their homes. These families may have to walk long distances just to collect clean water that has not been contaminated.

We will be in Brazil from October 12th through the 20th, and our team will build 16,000 litre water tanks, along with a mechanism to collect rain water to help prevent contamination and allow for safe drinking water.

We will be doing the following:
---Cement preparation
---Cement Plates Production and assembling
---Tying wires around the plates
---Plastering and Painting Cistern´s walls
---Water Pump Production and Installation

All the fees collected will go towards the materials needed for this project. Housing, meals, and other costs will be covered by Habitat for Humanity

More information can be found here https://www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk/volunteer-trips/cisco-brazil-2019/

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