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Zarra Addis

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So, call me crazy but I'm off to Myanmar to help a team build a sustainable home for a family in need!

That's right I'm going to be getting out from behind my desk, travelling over 5,000 miles around the world to go measure, saw, hammer and build!

This is an amazing opportunity and something I have always wanted to do. We sometimes forget how lucky we are in life letting the trivia things get us down , when there are people out there who don't even have a secure place to call home it really puts things into perspective. 

Any donation to help get me over no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated!


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Myanmar Build - October 2020

In October 2020 a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers will head to Myanmar to build safe and secure homes. In Thanatpin, Bago District, there is an urgent need for disaster-resilient housing and toilets as it is one of the poorest communities in the country. Many families here harvest ...

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